Surrender of Laveco Ltd’s International Corporate Services Licence


The Financial Control Service, hereby informs the public,
that Laveco Ltd, having its registered address at Suite No. 2, Olivier Maradan
Building, Olivier Maradan Street, Victoria Mahé, Grenada has surrendered its
International Corporate Services License pursuant to Section 30 (1) of the
Financial Control Service Act, 2013 (‘‘FCS Act’’) effective June 30th,

Pursuant to Section 4 (1) (m) of the FCS Act, the public is
hereby notified that the company Laveco Ltd no longer holds an International
Corporate Services License No     ICS 066.

All parties concerned kindly contact the FCS, until informed otherwise,
in respect to records of specified entities that were under the administration
of Laveco at the time of the surrender.

Financial Control Service
Bois De Rose Avenue
P.O Box 991
Victoria, Mahe