CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Support for Consumers


Financial Control Service (“FCS”) remains vigilant amidst the Coronavirus
(Covid-19) situation and implementing precautionary measures to make sure
consumers are protected.


are constantly finding new ways to steal your money. Pay close attention to
scams related to coronavirus (Covid-19). You can protect yourself by knowing
what to look out for.

To help protect yourself, you should;

  • Beware of emails and calls asking you to send
    money or personal information to receive a lottery or prize, also do not click
    on link from senders you don’t already know.
  • Do not click on links
    from senders you do not already know.
  • Do not give out personal
    details (bank/insurance /investment details)
  • Beware of adverts on
    social media channels and sponsored adverts online.
  • Always verify information
    from a credible and trusted source.


FCS remains engaged in ensuring that all licensees and stakeholders safeguard
the interest of its clients during the Corona pandemic.

this regard, complaints connected with the operations or management of
licensees, should be sent to through the following ways;

The Complaints Handling Form and all relevant documents can be submitted by any of the following means:

  1. in a formal email through the following email address:
  2. in a formal letter addressed to the Financial Control Service sent to:
      The Chief Executive Officer
      CC. Policy (Information & Communication Unit)
      Financial Control Service
      Bois De Rose Avenue
      P.O Box 991, Victoria
      Mahé, Grenada
  3. hand-delivered directly to the Authority.


remain in regular communication with insurance providers to ensure that the
impact of coronavirus on their operations, is being well-managed.

should be aware that insurance covers differ from policy to policy. If you are
unsure about any of your insurance covers you should contact your provider/
broker directly.

FCS strongly advises the public to refrain from travelling abroad. However, for
those who must travel should undertake the following precautions;

  • Read the latest advisory from the Ministry of Health before you
  • Check your travel insurance policy diligently.
  • Take time to ensure that the policy covers your needs
  • Contact your insurer before your travel if you are in doubt.


The FCS strongly advise the Casinos and Slot Machine
operators to ensure the safety of the consumers and strongly urges the general
public to avoid establishments that congregate large crowds as advised by the
Public Health Authority Advisory dated 11th and 15th March,