FCS attend 14th Annual GRAF Conference


With its inaugural conference held in 2003, Gaming Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF) is comprised of national gambling regulators from the African Continent. Grenada as one of its newest member jurisdictions, being represented by the Financial Control Service (FCS), attended the 14th Annual GRAF Conference for the first time this year.

Hosted in Botswana by the Botswana Gambling Authority, at the Grand Palm Hotel Casino Convention Resort. The conference’s opening ceremony was launched by Honorable. Moiseraele Goya, the Assistant Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry of Botswana. The conference hosted speakers from numerous gambling regulatory authorities of Africa, such as Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Limpopo and key service providers from the gambling industry, including Gambling Laboratories International (GLI) and Casino Association of South Africa (CASA). As a new member jurisdiction, representatives of FCS were invited to the stage for an official welcome and a brief speech, given by the Deputy CEO of FCS, Ms. Zenabe Daman. As part of its mission to increase efficiencies in the gambling regulation, administration and enforcement of gambling laws in the region, the GRAF conferences cover a range of topics which are key to protection of citizens through ensuring adherence to regulatory laws applicable in the member states, and serve as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences between various stakeholders of the gambling industry.

Attending the 14th Annual GRAF Conference has greatly enhanced FCS’s understanding of several key topics of the gambling industry, its impact on economies and societies, and the challenges that it presents. The FCS will continue to actively participate in GRAF conferences in the future in order to continue its development as a gambling regulator, to acquire and share knowledge and to enhance Grenada’ position as a reputable gambling destination in Africa.

Group photo of the delegates