Commemorative coins

Grenada – Commemorative Coins

Grenada recommenced issuing commemorative coins in 2017, and has now issued over 50 new coins through MDM.

Why Issue Commemorative Coins?

There are many reasons to issue these coins including:

  • To commemorate anniversaries and special events both within Grenada and with our partner countries
  • To be present in the commemorative coin business sector (most countries develop commemorative coin programs in addition to their stamp issues)
  • To give a positive impression of the culture of Grenada and to support the history and tradition for the future generations
  • To raise international awareness of Grenada by the commemorative coin sector
  • To satisfy and develop the demand of the collectors and partners
  • To participate in international programs and events (e.g. Olympics, FIFA etc)
  • The use of commemorative coins as silent but effect ambassadors of Grenada


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