About the Department

Financial Control Service is an important central agency of the Government of Grenada.  It is mandated to oversee and coordinate the effective management of public finance and resources in Grenada. Financial Control Service mission is to ensure that the financial resources of the Republic of Grenada are managed in accordance with the law and are utilized in an efficient and effective manner. The objectives of Financial Control Service are to:
  • ensure that the requirements of the Constitution and other legislation that relate to the management of public money are adhered to;
  • provide advice to the Minister for Finance and Cabinet on matters relating to the management and use of public money and on the Grenadaan economy more generally;
  • provide policy advice and options to Government in relation to a wide range of fiscal, economic and development issues;
  • provide policy advice and support to improve the financial performance and oversight of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs);
  • coordinate the development of and monitoring and reporting on the annual Budget and the Development Fund;
  • improve the effectiveness of the administration of government revenues thereby improving Grenada’s domestic revenue collections;
  • coordinate development and review of the National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS), including ensuring that NSDS priorities are being given due attention in the annual budget;
  • obtain and mobilize donor support for development projects and act as the point of contact for development assistance coordination; and
  • monitor Grenada’s economic and social parameters and produce data and information that supports an analysis of the effectiveness of existing government policy and informs the development of new policy aimed at addressing Grenada’s development needs.
The Department comprises five divisions: Treasury, Grenada Revenue Office (GRO), Planning and Aid Division (PAD) including the Grenada Bureau of Statistics, Social Welfare Division and Grenada Customs Service (NCS). The Department also includes the Agency of Bendigo Bank that provides financial services in Grenada.